Column: There is nothing more important and difficult than continuing.


It is a story of “continuation”. When you start something new and try to achieve a certain amount of results, it’s very important to continue.

Continuation, but this is not an easy thing to do.

So this time, I tried to summarize the points of continuation in my own way.


Column: There is nothing more important and difficult than continuing to be thin for a long time.

The knack of continuation is to keep it slowly and long.

First of all, think of yourself as unconsciously continuing for more than two years. I think this will be the point to discover that it will continue slowly and long time. Any item is OK. Work, study, travel, exercise, games, investment, etc. Perhaps there is something, but this is what has been long time in me.

The fact that it has been long-lasting means that some knowledge and experience have been unknowingly accumulated within us.

In my own example, cooking came to mind. In 2015, when I started living alone, I started cooking in detail while watching Cookpat, and now I can cook almost Japanese food without recipes. You can also teach people.

In other words, the food that I continued without any particular hard work had reached a reasonable level before I know it.

On the other hand, let’s say you concentrate on cooking for six months and learn a lot of recipes. However, the recipe you learned was not reproducible at home, and you stopped it because it took a lot of time and effort to learn the recipe.

If you continue to cook without working hard, or if you learn a lot of recipes in six months, which will make you a good cooker? Perhaps there is a better chance that the person who continued to cook without working hard, just continuing.

This is because as we continue, we make various mistakes, improve each time, and become better in a way that is easier for me to do.

Stop doing is fine, just continuing for a long time is more important.

To summarize the above, I think one of the points of continuing is to keep doing it while taking a rest . If you keep doing it, there will always be moments when something will change.better

I believe “Continuing is father of success.”